The Census Process

Surviving books are reviewed either by personal visit or over email, video conference or other electronic means. Once the book is reviewed, the details and pictures are entered into the Census.


Owners will receive a hard copy letter with certification of record. They will also receive a bookmark sized certificate to keep with the book. This certificate is unique and stays with the book in the event that it changes hands. This way, new and old owners can be assured that the volume has been recorded, even when it is transferred.


Condition, provenance and other background are recorded in the Census website. Institutions, and library special collections will have their information published as credit to their stewardship, and personal ownership will remain un-published and anonymous.

The Invitation

This project can only be successful if there is outside support and appreciation for it. Individuals, organizations and Institutions are invited to:

Allow Access to Archives:

Institutional archives have created a stewardship of preserving these early editions of the Book of Mormon. Granting access will expand this blessing to those outside the area of the archive. There will be a greater appreciation for those organizations who have preserved these historical treasures.

Catalog Your Edition with the Census:

While keeping ownership details private, owners can have their editions cataloged to be part of the Census. Private owners can have pride knowing they are part of a project that will be of significant importance.

Contribute Financially:

This project can only be successful through outside financial sponsorship. Sponsors would have significant recognition for their support. Reporting and valuable updates would come to sponsors as they would know they contributed to a lasting legacy.