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Individual Book Details: H0009

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Special Collections
University of Utah
Salt Lake City UT
1855 Hawaiian Book of Mormon, University of Utah
None Given
Unique Features
Spine: Brown Leather. Gold Lining separating into 5 sections, decorative symbols in 4 of 5 sections.
Spine Lettering and Label: Gold block title in second to top section
Cover: Brown leather, dark colored vertical strip at left edge near spine and triangular sections on upper and lower right corners.
Binding: Inside front and back covers contain hinge tape. Two front end papers.
Title Page: Missing
Text: Decorative coloring on text block edge.
Inscription: 2nd front end paper recto listing Hawaiian text in pen in vertical text, backside verso contains illegible writing in pen contains: “*** Woodruff of Brid*** of *** *** R***”.
Notes: Water stains within text in upper left corner to gutter and upper right corner. First introductory page: University of Utah stamp bottom edge margin. Back pages have discoloration within corners and margins.