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Individual Book Details: H0006

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Special Collections
Carnegie Museum of Natural History Library
Pittsburg, PA
1869 Deseret Reader Book of Mormon, Talmage
Accompanying letter written to Dr. William Holland from James Talmage February 13, 1912. Talmage discusses the “earnest attempt” of the Deseret Alphabet letter system and also informs about a separate package of sand from the Great Salt Lake.

Talmage, a scientist and academic by nature was heavily involved in Church Leadership and became an LDS apostle on December 8, 1911 (prior to the letter). However it’s likely that he still had a to-do list: to send details to Carnegie Museum and still had access to Deseret Museum letterhead in order to correspond two months after his new calling.
Unique Features
Spine: Intact, worn on top and bottom edges
Spine Lettering and Label: lettering on spine still visible
Cover: Blue cover with lettering and decorations. Library sticker on lower left corner.
Binding: Inside pastedown listing donation by Dr. J E Talmage, Deseret Museum, Salt lake City Utah
Title Page: Pronunciation page and title page present
Text: 116 page volume.
Notes: Accompanying letter from James Talmage.