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Individual Book Details: H0004

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1830 Cover, without Text
None Given
Unique Features
Spine: Original spine adhered to new cover, separated from cover by new cover binding
Spine Lettering and Label: Cracks overlaying title ribbon. B and K visible and OO worn off. OF is present, O slightly cracked. MORMON is difficult to see, only N is readily legible.
Cover: Original cover adhered to new cover, edges reduced to show new cover,
Binding: Front and back endpapers (pastedown) present, separated and free from binding
Title Page: None
Text: None, see notes
Inscription: Front end paper, word “Mormon” in cursive pen. “F. E. Edmunds” in pen with Edmunds scratched out. Words: Spring…(SP) illegible in pencil. Back end paper in pen: “James Nob(SP) Donned(SP) his Book This the 8th day of July 1841 of (illegible)”

Notes: The text contents of this volume were used as inserted 1830 pages into the 2007 Letterpress Edition 1830 Replica. In general 2 pages per letterpress copy were inserted to commission 147 volumes with these 1830 pages. These pages were already separated from the volume, the copy was in poor condition and the title page was missing. The decision was made to separate the pages and commission them into the Letterpress Replica printings. Generally if 2 pages are in a Letterpress Replica, they came from this volume.