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Individual Book Details: G0015

Record Date
Collection Name
1899 Nephite Records
Ownership Type
Special Collections
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
1899 Nephite Records, University of Utah
Paperwork in card catalog listing it as Received in Rare Book Section 02.01.07
Bookplate sticker on inside cover listing it from Public Library of Salt Lake
Unique Features
Spine: Original canvas spine. library numbers: “U 298.20 S753” in white ink on lower section
Spine Lettering and Label: Gold lettering present
Cover: Original canvas cover. scratch/wear mark on lower left corner. Outside corner bends on front and back cover.
Binding: slight wear on spine/cover hinges. Back inside cover has residual glue/paper from old library check out envelope, with bar scan sticker in upper left corner.
Title Page: Present and intact. Hole punch embossment listing “Free Public Library of Salt Lake”. In Pencil. “300 U 298.20 S753” in upper left corner. Ink stamp of 346804.
Text: Hole punch embossment (same) on first Nephi page.
Notes: Front inside cover: Bookplate sticker listing Publish Library of Salt Lake with U298.20 S753 written on sticker. Front endpaper recto: 650 in upper right corner.