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Individual Book Details: G0014

Record Date
Collection Name
1899 Nephite Records
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Weaton College
Weaton, IL
1899 Nephite Records, John Nutting Collection
Came from the personal library of John D. Nutting (Christian missionary to those living in Utah in mid/late 1800’s)
Notable details on Nutting found at:
Donated to Wheaton College in 1951. Held in special collections ever since.
Unique Features
Spine: Intact. Copper toned lettering clear and in full detail.
Binding: Intact.
Title Page: Intact. various annotations in pencil. Illegible notes on top edge. Pencil marks throughout the “are faults, they are the mistakes of men”. Pencil note “not all” and underline of the “Printed from the Palmyra Edition”. Note in pencil “Not Pal.” (SP) on lower right margin.
Notes: Front end paper Recto in pencil: Utah Gospel Mission, 9277 Amsbury (SP) Ave Cleveland O. 1922 S. Harald office Indep. MO”. Blank page Verso in pencil: “Copyright missing certifying Joe as author”. Back Inside cover in pencil. “Salvation: Only thru C. 195. God Trinity 310, Resurec (SP) body spiritual 311”.