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Individual Book Details: F0019

Record Date
Collection Name
1869 Deseret Alphabet
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Wisconsin Historical Society
Madison, WI
1869 Deseret Alphabet, A.T. Schroeder
Ink Stamp listing A.T. Schroeder, Salt Lake City
Ink Stamp listing Theodore Schroeder, Redfield South Dakota
Ink Stamp listing Jan 23, 1856, date received at Wisconsin Historical Society
A.T. Schroeder was the the attorney against B.H. Roberts 1899 Congressional hearing
Unique Features
Spine: Upper half missing, showing bare internal binding. bottom half in brown canvas. Image of Salt Lake Temple faint. Library numbers “DKLA 41 BD 1869” listed over temple image. Bottom gold band faint.
Spine Lettering and Label: Title on spine missing from upper spine top missing
Cover: Front cover: Embossed perimeter showing. various discoloration marks (staining or bleaching?) Back cover: Embossed perimeter showing. Noticeable white markings on back cover.
Binding: Original binding. Two front end paper present with ink stamp of A.T. Schroeder Attorney Salt Lake and different ink stamp of Theodore Schroeder, Redfield So. D. Back end paper diagonally torn and partially missing. Inside cover pastedown: Ink stamp listing A.T. Schroeder Attorney Salt Lake and Book plate sticker listing State Historical Society of Wisconsin.
Title Page: Translation page present, no markings. Title page present, no markings.
Text: Full text, page 111: ink stamp of A.T Schroeder
Inscription: 2nd end paper contains: “Wisdom not from book but from God 18 Mil Star 694, 17 Mil Star 262 (Millennial Star publication quote)
Notes: 2nd end paper of “A.T. Schroeder”