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Individual Book Details: F0017

Record Date
Collection Name
1869 Deseret Alphabet
Ownership Type
Special Collections
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
1869 Deseret Alphabet, John A Widtsoe
Book Stamp and Inscription listing John A Widtsoe
Unique Features
Spine: Slight wear on top and bottom edges. Temple image and gold banners visible
Spine Lettering and Label: Gold title and decorative symbol visible.
Cover: Embossed perimeter edge visible. Noticeable wear on right edge.
Binding: Front inside cover: Bookplate sticker listing University of Utah Libraries John A Widtsoe. “2089” in upper left corner in pencil.
Title Page: present and intact. English equivalent annotations in pencil above titling text. Ink stamp “225758” in blue ink on bottom edge. Backside Verso: Oval ink stamp listing University Library.
Text: Paper edge block contains University of Utah Libraries ink stamp vertical, right side up. Noticeable grey discoloration on outer edge. Text block: No known markings.
Inscription: Front end paper listing John A Widtsoe, center page in pen.
Notes: Front end paper: Ink stamp in upper right corner listing John A Widtsoe.