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Individual Book Details: F0003

Record Date
Collection Name
1869 Deseret Alphabet
Ownership Type
St. Louis University
St.Louis, MO
1869 Deseret Alphabet, St. Louis University, Lizzie and William T Sherman
Inscription of Lizzie Sherman (likely the daughter of William T Sherman) 1870. Verified that this is very likely the handwriting of William T. Sherman
Listing Historian’s office (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah), 1870
Inscription delivering to unknown person from Lizzie in 1886.
Processed through James Dwyer Book Store per ink stamp.
Bookplate sticker with pencil “St. Louis Room”, term no longer used by the University

Unique Features
Spine: Replaced Spine
Spine Lettering and Label: Replaced spine. White letters “THE BOOK OF MORMON” “JOSEPH SMITH JR” and “298 Sm5”
Cover: Dark hardback, lines on the edge. Library sticker “298 sm5 13594” on front cover
Binding: rebound spine tape wrapped into pastedown pages. White tape attaching pastedown and endpaper.
Title Page: Intact. Marking: “13594” in red below paragraphs. Oval library stamp placed lower right of page.
Text: complete.
Inscription: On front end paper: Lizzie Sherman Salt Lake 1870 - (pre)sented by Joe Smith “Apostle” in ink. “Historians Office April 1870” in ink (different handwriting). “Presented by Miss Lizzie Sherman 1886” in pencil (third handwriting)
Notes: James Dwyer Ink Stamp on front endpaper

“Lizzie” Sherman
Was born Mary Elizabeth Sherman, 17 Nov 1852, died 6 April 1925, to William T Sherman and Eleanor “Ellen” Boyle Ewing. She would be 17/18 years old in 1870. Several sources nickname her “Lizzie”.

William Tecumseh Sherman
Was born 8 Feb 1820 and died 14 Feb 1891. He was a General over the Northern Armies in the Civil War.

“Joe Smith, Apostle”
Joseph F Smith was born 13 November 1838 and was ordained “Apostle” in 1866 and served in the Church Historians office in Salt Lake City. He was nephew to Joseph Smith Jr. (first prophet of the Church and publisher of the Book of Mormon).

James Dwyer
James Dwyer was a predominate book dealer in Salt Lake City Utah from the 1860’s through his death in 1915. The stamp in the copy seems to be contemporary to the edition. However, this would have been stamped after Lizzie given her copy away, after 1886.

Handwriting Analysis of Inscriptions
The inscription page was passed to Brent Ashworth of Provo, Utah. He recognized the handwriting of William Sherman and recommended further research. Several handwriting samples are available and were compared to sample in this book, with the following similarities:

First set,
-Similar slant to the upper right
-Signature: Beginning S is thin with tall loop at top and ending continuance on the bottom, “rm” in middle name is a run together, “n” at the end hooks around
-“e” at the end of a word, not looped, pointed at the top
-“th” in Smith, compared to “with”, similarity match, “h” has small bend at the top and under curve at the end.
-“Apostle” beginning A, compared with “Association” Similar “A” curve at top and unconnected at the bottom

Second Set
“Church Historians Office, 1870” different handwriting, different Ink

Third Set,
in pencil, different handwriting, unknown third person (possibly Lizzies?)Conclusions:

It is the opinion that the first set of handwriting is that of William T Sherman, giving this book to his daughter, Lizzie.