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Individual Book Details: E0012

Record Date
Collection Name
1842 Nauvoo
Ownership Type
Special Collection
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
1842 Book of Mormon, Red Cover, University of Utah
Unknown, Bookstore sicker of Shepard Book Company Salt Lake in front inside cover
Illegible inscription in ink: Mrs & Mr (Wilson, Mason(Sp?)
Unique Features
Spine: Red leather spine, gold decorative lines separating into four sections. Scuff and wear marks agains red coloring.
Spine Lettering and Label: Gold block lettering visible in second to top section.
Cover: Red leather cover with gold lining around edges. wear marks over red cover and slight wear on upper and lower right corners.
Binding: Spine/cover hinge intact. Inside front and back cover is marbled printing. One front endpaper. One back endpaper.
Title Page: Present and intact. Printing date visible. Hole punch embossment listing University of Utah on top edge. Second title page present and intact with various foxing marks. Library stamp “63550” in blue ink on bottom edge.
Text: Full, no known markings. foxing with age. last few pages have hole punch embossment listing University library.
Inscription: Front end paper recto: Illegible inscription in ink: Mrs & Mr (Wilson, Mason(Sp?)
Notes: small plastic wrap containing dried flower/leaf accompanying the book.