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Individual Book Details: E0011

Record Date
Collection Name
1842 Nauvoo
Ownership Type
Special Collection
Cincinnati History Library and Archives
Cincinnati, OH
1842 Book of Mormon, P. G. Camden
Inscription on two pages listing P. G. Camden, St. Louis MO May 12th 1843. This is assumed to belong to Peter G. Camden (1801-1873) who would later become Mayor of St. Louis, MO between 1846-1847.
Unique Features
Spine: Rebound cover and spine with canvas hardback. Title and name of Joseph Smith imprinted in gold lettering.
Cover: Rebound Cover, Canvas Hardback.
Binding: Rebound cover and bindings.
Title Page: Present, listing 1842. Inscription of P G. Camden on upper margin between The and “Book of Mormon”. Inscription of St. Louis Mo, May 12th 1843 under title.
Text: Secondary title page listing P. G. Camden May 12th 1843 in upper margin around the word “THE”. Noticeable foxing on secondary title page.
Inscription: P. G. Camden on two pages.
Notes: May 12th, 1843 was a Friday.