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Individual Book Details: D0026

Record Date
Collection Name
1841 Great Britain
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Wisconsin Historical Society
Madison, WI
1841 Book of Mormon, Wisconsin Historical Society, A. T. Schroeder
Rubber Stamp listing rom A. T. Schroeder, A.T. Schroeder collection was mentioned in Dialog Magazine in 1960, Schroeder was the lead prosecutor against B.H Roberts in the 1899 congressional hearings regarding eligibility for Congress
Stamp listing Jan 23 1956, date of acquisition by Wisconsin Historical Society
Unique Features
Spine: Brown leather, 6 panel non-decorative.
Spine Lettering and Label: title ribbon on 2nd to top panel, full title present
Cover: Detached but present front cover, decorative perimeter (arrows in corners), wear on back cover hinge.
Binding: detached front cove, single front and back end paper present.
Title Page: present and attached, underline “First European” in pencil. Notation: “First English Ed” in pencil under print date
Text: full text, no known markings.
Inscription: Three Witnesses page: “John Chalice” in ink top margin. First text page: “John Chalice” in ink top margin.
Notes: Front inside cover: Illegible pencil marks with “1556” underlined, rubber stamp of A.T. Schroeder. First Flyleaf Verso: Bookplate of Wisconsin Historical Society, Rubber stamp of “A. T Schroeder Attorney at Law Sale lake City” and Property of Theodor Schroeder Redfield So. D” underneath bookplate. Back inside cover: various numbers in pencil, upper left corner.