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Individual Book Details: D0025

Record Date
Collection Name
1841 Great Britain
Ownership Type
British Library
London, England, UK
1841 Book of Mormon, British Library
Oval Type Two stamp of the British Museum. Above the stamp, it is pencilled the item's exact date of entry in the acquisitions records. Moving clockwise from the left, the numbers represent the month of acquisition (3 = March), the year of acquisition (41 = 1841), the day of acquisition (8 = 8th), and the entry line in the Acquisitions Register for that day (line 13). The colour of the stamp (blue) indicates that it is a legal copyright deposit item. The item no longer has its original bindings and has been rebound in 1987.
Unique Features
Spine: Rebound spine
Spine Lettering and Label: Title and library number 691 A 27 in gold lettering
Cover: Rebound cover, brown canvas hardback
Binding: New binding accompanying new cover, new front end papers
Title Page: Present and intact. In upper right top edge: “691 1927” in pencil, Word Mormon underlined in pencil with letter K in Pencil in upper right corner.
Text: Full text, no known markings
Inscription: Roman number III in pencil in upper left of three witnesses page.
Notes: Type two stamp on verso of title page in use between 1837-1929