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Individual Book Details: D0023

Record Date
Collection Name
1841 Great Britain
Ownership Type
Abilene Christian University
Abilene, TX
1841 Book of Mormon
Gifted to the University by Maurice A. Meredith
Use of Abilene Christian College sticker in use between 1912 to 1976
Unique Features
Spine: Non-decorative spine. Wear marks present. Small piece missing from top edge. Library label “REST 289.3 MORMON 1841” on lower section
Spine Lettering and Label: No label present, missing.
Cover: Non-decorative cover, scratch and wear marks present.
Binding: missing end papers
Title Page: missing, reproduced/photocopy page as replacement.
Text: missing pages 1-6, photocopied/reproduced pages. Original text starts with page 7. partial page 641/642 missing page lower half. (Partial) page 642 is last page of text. Photocopy pages 641-643.
Inscription: None recorded
Notes: Front inside cover contains bookplate sticker of University. Back inside cover small library sticker “Library For Building Use Only ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE”