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Individual Book Details: D0020

Record Date
Collection Name
1841 Great Britain
Ownership Type
Private Collection
Private Owner
1841 Book of Mormon, George Taylor
Inside inscription listing George John Taylor, (Son of John Taylor)
Unique Features
Spine: Decorative spine and full title block, gilded letters on lower half “G. J. Taylor”
Cover: Decorative cover around edges
Binding: in tact, front and back end pages attached
Title Page: In tact, no writing, small stain top gutter corner, small stain bottom edge near gutter, 2 small marks right edge one inch of top right corner,
Text: Full text, no known markings or highlights
Inscription: first front end page recto “George John Taylor Jan 27th 1854” in ink
Notes: second front end page recto “John Taylor” in faded pencil. front inside cover upper left “598” in pencil, second end paper has water stains all around all edges of page,