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Individual Book Details: C0035

Record Date
Collection Name
1840 Nauvoo
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Utah Historical Society
Salt Lake City UT
1840 Book of Mormon, Stanley Ivins & Henry N Beach
Bookplate sticker listing Utah State Historical Society, Gift of Stanley S Ivins
Inscription listing Henry N Beach of Broadway, New York City
Unique Features
Spine: Rebound Canvas hardcover spine. New Title in upper section and “1840” in bottom edge in gold block. three lines gold ribbing. Library call numbers in white at lower section above date.
Spine Lettering and Label: Rebound Spine listing Title and “Smith” upper section
Cover: rebound Brown Canvas hard cover.
Binding: Rebound cover spine and hinge. New brown and red marbled inside front and back pastedown and front endpapers. Front Inside pastedown has Historical Society bookplate sticker. second endpapers contain writing in pencil referencing this to the 1841 (or 1941) comparison with other various pencil marks. Second inside endpaper has clipped out page from a Western Memorabilia shop referencing the 1830 volume and a representative from England in search for one in vain.
Title Page: First title page: present with a picture of Joseph Smith tipped in to text block. “C” in upper right corner. Second Title page: present with ink stamp of Historical Society on back of the page (verso) and picture of Joseph Smith III (listed as Joseph Smith Jr) afterwards.
Text: Full text block with various annotations and notes in margins.
Inscription: Second front endpaper behind clipping: Henry N Beach No (229?) Broadway NY City
Notes: Back end paper has ink stamp listing State historical society and catalog numbers.