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Individual Book Details: C0029

Record Date
Collection Name
1840 Nauvoo
Ownership Type
Special Collections
University of Utah
Salt Lake City UT
1840 Book of Mormon, John A Witdsoe, J.E. Fisher
Book plate sticker listing J.E. Fisher.
Ink stamp listing John A Widtsoe
Unique Features
Spine: replaced by Library brown textured tape spine. Title in white at top section. Rub/wear marks at bottom (removal of library call numbers?)
Cover: Left part overlayed by brown library tape surrounding spine and left section of cover. Dark coloration on right edge, an inch down from top.
Binding: Blue inside cover page and front end paper. Front endpaper separated and taped to loose first title page. Blue back inside cover and back end paper.
Title Page: First title page present but loose and taped to loose front endpaper. Library call numbers on upper left corner. Ink stamp of John A Widtsoe in upper right corner. Ink stamp of “225736” near print date. Dark Ink spots in upper center part of page, bleeds through to verso side. Second Title page intact. Two noticeable stain marks in second paragraph, third stain mark in lighter contrast. Small ink marks near title from bleed through ink from first title page.
Text: Full text block, no known markings.
Inscription: none recorded
Notes: front end paper verso and back inside cover: Ink stamp of J.E. Fisher.