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Individual Book Details: C0028

Record Date
Collection Name
1840 Nauvoo
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Wisconsin Historical Society
Madison, WI
1840 Book of Mormon, Wisconsin Historical Society, E A Thomas
Inside inscription listing E.A Thomas, Cleveland Ohio June 1907.
Unique Features
Spine: Original spine, missing piece at top, wear marks at corners
Spine Lettering and Label: title ribbon present, all words visible.
Cover: front cover: small dark spot upper right edge. Wear marks on upper and lower right corner. Back cover: Dark spots upper right and left corners. Wear congruent with age.
Binding: Cover/Spine hinge still attached. Missing front and back endpapers.
Title Page: first title page missing lower third section, missing printing year. Second title page intact, diagonal smudge mark through center of page with slight foxing throughout page.
Text: No markings recorded
Inscription: Front inside cover: E A Thomas Cleveland Ohio June 1907
Notes: Front inside cover: Marks of a # sign over inscription and large U shape , (charcoal pencil or crayon?). Price of 4.00 in pencil. Back inside cover in pencil: “Nauvoo 3rd 1840” written vertical near gutter.