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Individual Book Details: C0027

Record Date
Collection Name
1840 Nauvoo
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Wisconsin Historical Society
Madison, WI
1840 Book of Mormon, Wisconsin Historical Society, Brownell Estate Copy
Front Bookplate listing from George Hiram Brownell Estate
Front Endpaper listing Bliss Robinson
2nd title page with Rubber stamp listing Dec 1 1950, transfer date between Bownell Estate and Wisconsin Historical Society
Back end paper listing Dec ’57 (1957)
Unique Features
Spine: Rebound cover and spine, green hard canvas. Title and Date in Vertical Text, Library numbers “KDLA 41B 1840” in white lettering and WHS stamp at bottom.
Cover: Rebound cover and spine, green
Binding: Rebound volume, front end papers present.
Title Page: repaired top section. slight foxing present. center left has illegible punch stamp (initials) 2nd title page top gutter contains rubber stamp: Dec 1 1950 with “George Hiram Brownell Estate” in black ink.
Text: no reported markings
Inscription: Front end paper: Bliss (twice underlined) on center of page. Illegible writing in erased/faded pencil. 2nd front endpaper: “Bliss Robinson (underlined) Furtmaugler(SP?) 278 Court St” in ink.
Notes: Last flyleaf verso: 14 Wis Dec 57 in rubber stamp, dark ink with A and 20 in pencil. Various foxing and brown marks.