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Individual Book Details: B0016

Record Date
Collection Name
1837 Kirtland
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Utah State University
Logan, UT
1837 Book of Mormon, Utah State University
None Given
Unique Features
Spine: Rebound Cover and Spine. Hard Canvas Spine
Spine Lettering and Label: Title in gold block lettering on upper section. “Kirtland 1837” in lower central part of spine.
Cover: Rebound cover in dark green hard canvas.
Binding: New bindery and hinging. New marbled creme pastedown and single endpaper.
Title Page: Present and intact. foxing and discoloration on top and right edges. Noticeable dark spot in upper right corner above title.
Text: Full text block, no recorded markings. page 374-379 contains noticeable small spotting (ink or mold)
Inscription: None recorded
Notes: page 603 text cut off from outer edging.