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Individual Book Details: B0014

Record Date
Collection Name
1837 Kirtland
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Wisconsin Historical Society
Madison, WI
1837 Book of Mormon, Wisconsin Historical Society
Rubber Stamps of A.T. Schroeder, (attorney against B.H Roberts 1899 Congressional hearing)
Transferred to Wisconsin Historical Society with date stamp Jan 23 1956.
Unique Features
Spine: Detached spine, missing top edge and bottom corner
Spine Lettering and Label: Original label missing. Alternative tape spine listing title and year 1837
Cover: 2 large cut marks center of front cover, wear on lower right corner. Discoloration lower left corner
Binding: Detached hinges between cover and spine, stitching still present and text still bound.
Title Page: Present and intact. triangular cockling lower left corner, semicircular cockling top third of page.
Text: full text, Preface with various red pencil underlines, with rubber stamp “JAN 23 1956”
Inscription: front end paper listing “WRB(SP) Lawson Book 1837” top section, partially under historical society bookplate.
Notes: Front inside cover: Bookplate listing William Ferguson Front end paper rubber stamp of A.T Schroeder and “property of Theodore Schroeder Redfield So. D (South Dakota) under historical society bookplate. In pencil: “10.00 very” (scarce?).
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