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Individual Book Details: B0011

Record Date
Collection Name
1837 Kirtland
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT
1837 Book of Mormon, Henry Hall
Listed as M222.1.A1 1837 in library catalog
Inscription on inside cover “This Book is a Present to me from Mr. Henry Hall of Richmond, its former owner according to the Statement on next page. A G *illegible*, *illegible (Lee map?) 1876”
front end page in pencil, illegible.
Unique Features
Spine: Intact, vertical cracks with age and wear
Spine Lettering and Label: lettering visible but faded,
Cover: attached, hinging worn but attached, dark mark lower right edge, back cover attached, small scuff marks and larger mark lower right edge near spine.
Binding: Attached, single front end sheets coming loose, but attached, water stain at lower spine, last end paper.
Title Page: attached, small dog ear wearing on upper and lower edge corners, small stain top right near corner, witness pages present. water stain back pages near spine.
Text: Intact, slight foxing/wear on edges
Inscription: Inscription on inside cover, listing provenance
Notes: front endpaper upper corner sowing $675 and $650, “sabin #83039”
BYU library sticker on lower front inside cover, back cover has “m43x[] 535”