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Individual Book Details: B0001

Record Date
Collection Name
1837 Kirtland
Ownership Type
Private Collection
Private Owner
1837 Book of Mormon, Hiram Page
Volume in a clamshell box, listing “Hiram Page Copy” on clamshell spine.
Included with volume is a half sheet paper listing details stating this copy was owned by Hiram Page, who gave this copy to his son Philander A. Page, given to his son Marion F Page, owned by descendent John H. Page, given to his brother M. Norman Page (Patriarch of the RLDS church). Sold into private ownership afterwards.
Unique Features
Spine: intact,
Spine Lettering: Lettering scuffed out and not visible
Cover: original cover, front cover contain scuff marks right and lower edge and stain marks in center and upper edge
Binding: intact
Title Page: present, general foxing and staining on page, page wear on lower right corner
Text: full text, general foxing on pages and some pencil marks, significant stain on lower half pages in back part of text to witnesses page, back few pages contain page wear (insect eating?) on page edge.
Inscription: Front pastedown page lists “Philander A Paige Book” in ink (faded to blue).
Notes: Front pastedown page contains significant pencil marks, preface page contains pencil marks (squiggle lines) back end pages contain significant annotations in pencil,