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Individual Book Details: A0080

Record Date
Collection Name
1830 Palmyra
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Utah Historical Society
Salt Lake City, UT
1830 Book of Mormon, Joseph E Taylor and Family
Inscriptions and bookplate listing this as one of the first 50 volumes bound. Given by Joseph Smith to Ruth V. Sayers and Polly Vose. Given in 1870 to Joseph E Taylor. Passed to Lisadore Williams Taylor, to Alma O Taylor, to Angie Taylor, then to Nicholas G Morgan Sr.
Unique Features
Spine: Noticeable vertical cracking. Visible gold ribbing. White library call numbers on lower part. Noticeable wear on corners and hinging.
Spine Lettering and Label: Black ribbon present, Gold lettering present, small font formatting.
Cover: Discolored rubbings on lower right and upper left areas. Wear on all corners and upper and lower edged. Back cover has discolored patch lower left corner with wear on edges.
Binding: spine/cover hinging intact, but wearing thin. Front end papers missing. Front pastedown has typed page glued on listing provenance. Back pastedown with book plate sticker of Nicholas Morgan and ink stamp of Utah State Historical Society
Title Page: Present. illegible annotation in gutter near second paragraph. Page wear on outer right edge. Water mark on top gutter left corner. Capital “C” on upper right corner
Text: Various annotations in pencil in margins and edges.
Inscription: Front inside pastedown: Joseph E Taylor (one faded and another crisper on overlaying first signature). Copyright second page verso: Notes and inscriptions listing provenance in pencil and pen.
Notes: preface page, “iv”. Page 63, vertical crease, line 21 proper “himself”. Page 144 line 36, proper “about”. Page 205 line 3 fading i in “Nephi”. Page 212, “122” with annotation. Page 243 line 23, proper “all) with creases on page. Page 244 line 25, “reccive”, line 32 bgan with creases on page. Proper page number 487. Page 161 line 1 “fiat”. Page 521 line 8/9 “rum-derers”. Three Witness page line 10, proper “seen”.