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Individual Book Details: A0068

Record Date
Collection Name
1830 Palmyra
Ownership Type
Private Collection
Private Owner
1830 Book of Mormon
None given
Unique Features
Spine: Reinforced spine. Center Gold lines in single stripes visible, worn off on top and bottom. Wear on top and bottom edges.
Spine Lettering and Label: Black title ribbon present. Fading gold text title still visible. Small text font styling
Cover: Noticeable wear on upper and lower right edges. Identifiable L shaped scratch starting at bottom edge an inch from the hinge, moving upwards for an inch then to the right for an inch
Binding: Two front end papers. Pastedown paper separated from from first end paper. First end paper recto: illegible script in erased pencil contains “1842”. Second end paper recto: illegible text in erased pencil with series of numbers. Noticeable water stains covering top 2/3s and bottom 1/4. Two back endpapers present.
Title Page: present and attached. Arched cockling on top and diagonal cockling on lower left corner. Color staining on top half of page. Illegible text in top edge contains “A E” in pencil
Text: Full text. Blue speckling on text edging noticeable. End pages: identifiable water stains in gutter.
Inscription: Font end papers contain faded/erased pencil marking, illegible.
Notes: Preface: “iv”. Page 144 line 36, proper “about”. Page 212 “122”. Page 521, line 8/9, “rum-derers”. Witness page line 10, proper “seen”.