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Individual Book Details: A0067

Record Date
Collection Name
1830 Palmyra
Ownership Type
Private Collection
Private Owner
1830 Book of Mormon, Hammond, McLean, Young-Cassell, Belnap
Inscription listing Estate of Jabez D Hammond, 1855
Book Plate Sticker listing JJ McLean
Inscription listing Chas McLean,
Inscription listing E J ML Beleher 1884
Inscription listing John J Mclean 1905
Inscription listing Dean Belnap, Christmas 1952
Inscription listing Vera Young Cassell and Louise Oscarson Belnap
Unique Features
Spine: Reinforced spine. Gold lines visible. Faint vertical cracking
Spine Lettering and Label: Black title ribbon present, Gold lettering visible.
Cover: Front: Lighter oval spot center right. Small notch center left.
Binding: One front end paper. Two back end papers
Title Page: Present and attached, Faint signs of triangular cockling top right and left, bottom left corners. Noticeable color change near gutter and right edge.
Text: Complete volume, light foxing throughout. Page 588: Newspaper article, unknown date, glued into blank space announcing the printers manuscript identified as being in the town of Richmond Mo.
Inscription: See additional details
Notes: Preface page: “iv”. Page 144, line 36 “obout”. Page 212, “122” with inscription listing correction. Proper page number 487. Page 521, line 8/9 “mur-derers”. Witness page, line 10, proper “seen”.

Additional Details Regarding this Book:

Jabez D Hammond:
White paper glued into back inside pastedown listing this book came from the estate of Jabez D Hammond. Hammod (2 Aug 1778 - 18 Aug 1855) was a member of Congress from 1815-1817 for New York and a member of the New York State Senate from 1817 to 1821, he served as the first judge in Ostego County NY from 1838 to 1843 and died in Cherry Valley, NY.

JJ McLean:
Front inside pastedown: Vertical bookplate sticker listing J.J. Mclean Library No 339

Chas McLean:
Front inside pastedown: Name of Chas B McLean (nickname of Charles) in pencil vertically spanning the full size of the pastedown.

E. J. ML Beleher:
Front inside pastedown listing E. J. ML (McLean?) Beleher, 1884, vertical, in ink.

John J Mclean:
Front inside pastedown listing John J. McLean 1905, vertical, in ink, under E J ML Beleher, same ink? Same Handwriting? Probably same as bookplate sticker listing JJ McLean

Dean Belnap:
Back page verso of Preface, in open area a long inscription in blue ball point pen listing this copy was “Presented to Dean Belnap Christmas 1952” with references to the Ten Commandments and other encouragements and promises, from Dad & Mom. Wilford Dean Belnap (19 Aug 1926 - 27 Jan 2017) was the son of Wilford Belnap and Ebba Louisa Maria Oscarson

Vera Young Cassell (sic):
First back page verso inscription in ball point blue ink listing the book was given by Vera Young Cassell. Vera Young was born 5 Nov 1902 in Mexico to Brigham Young Jr (Son of Brigham Young) and Abigail Stevens. She married Raymond Wesley Cassel, in 1930, and died 12 Dec 1984 in Salt Lake City, UT. Inscription shows “Cassell” but research shows Cassel

Louise Oscarson Belnap:
First back page verso inscription in ball point blue ink listing the book was given to “Louise Oscarson Belnap”. Other sources list as “Louisa”. Born 14 Jan 1902 in Sweden, married to Wilford Belnap in Salt Lake City in 1923 and died 5 June 1977, the mother of Wilford Dean Belnap.