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Individual Book Details: A0066

Record Date
Collection Name
1830 Palmyra
Ownership Type
Special Collections
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT
1830 Book of Mormon, Tanner
Written details included with the book listing owned by John Tanner, 1832, moving to various locations where he died in 1850 in Utah. Family moved with the book to California afterwards. Notes list various owners and donation to the University of Utah by George Tanner in 1983.
Unique Features
Spine: Showing wear and vertical cracking. Worn mark on upper section with missing piece at upper right corner. Larger missing piece on bottom section with diagonal wear.
Spine Lettering and Label:
Cover: Vertical cut/tear mark on starting bottom edge
Binding: cover/spine hinging still attached. Front endpapers missing.
Title Page: Missing
Text: Pages indicative of fire damage. Preface page showing scorch marks and lower right corner burned away/missing. 1 Nephi page and few pages at the beginning showing scorch marks and lower right corners decreasingly burned away. Water damage reflective through pages, significantly at the back end of text block.
Inscription: Front inside cover upper half: “Mary L Tanner Crismon” in cursive pencil. Library call numbers in lower left corner. Back inside cover contains pencil scribbles but illegible.
Notes: Oval University Library ink stamp on Inside cover lower right section and 2nd Preface page (verso). Page 144, line 36 “about”. Page 212 “122”. Proper page number 487. Page 521 line 8/9 “rum-derers”. Three witnesses page line 10 proper “seen”.