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Individual Book Details: A0054

Record Date
Collection Name
1830 Palmyra
Ownership Type
Special Collections
The Claremont Colleges Library
Claremont, CA
1830 Book of Mormon, The Claremont Colleges Library
Purchased by Pomona College under McGregor Plan (1934-1943)
Pomona College library merged into The Claremont Colleges Library in the 1950’s

Unique Features
Spine: gold lines visible, general wear around hinges
Spine Lettering and Label: black ribbon present, gold lettering visible
Cover: Solid brown cover, wear on upper and lower edge corners. small discolored mark (darker) on upper left corner near spine.
Binding: covers intact. some pages pulling away from binding.
Title Page: Present. triangular cockling page bend on corners. 2 small stains lower section near gutter
Text: Very bottom of pages 565-572 are torn/missing.
Inscription: Faint cursive signature, written in pencil, that is barely legible to the naked eye, above this plate that perhaps reads, “R. Dickersone”? No other inscriptions.
Notes: Book plate on inside front cover with image that reads, “HIC LIBER AB AMICIS MUSAE CUI NOMEN EST CLIO DONATUS EST HAEC IMAGO A JOHANNE WHITE IN VIRGINIA DELINEATA EST MDLXXXV,” approximate translation “This book was given by friends of the muse whose name is Clio. This picture was drawn by John White in Virginia in 1585.” Book plate on fly leaf that reads, “Pomona College Library Americana Collection Purchased Under The McGregor Plan 99828.”