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Individual Book Details: A0053

Record Date
Collection Name
1830 Palmyra
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Pepperdine University
Malibu, CA
1830 Book of Mormon, Doctor Philastus Hurlbut
Illegible inscription with date of Nov 27, 1831
2nd inscription listing” Dr. P Hurlbut’s Book, Kirtland, Geauga Co, Ohio”
No other background is known
Unique Features
Spine: substantial wear on spine, pieces missing. Black tape adhered on front cover, around spine and to back cover.
Spine Lettering and Label: black title ribbon partially missing. Title lettering damaged/partial.
Cover: Front cover disconnected from spine hinge, only attached through black spine tape. Back cover intact.
Binding: Front and back end papers present. Stitching cords visible from spine condition. Scotch tape present on front end papers.
Title Page: present. triangular cockling lines on upper right and lower left and right corners. tape stain/residue from previous taping of book.
Text: significant annotations of asterisks and minus marks throughout text edge and gutter margins in pencil. various words or phrases also found in margins. Scotch tape remnants on preface page gutter.
Inscription: Front end paper recto listing W.S Diuel(SP) with Nov 27, 1831, in ink, bled through to next page verso. Next front end paper listing “Dr P Hurlbuts Book Kirtland Geuaga Co Ohio
Notes: Front pastedown contains illegible text in pencil with price of 6000. Slight water stain bottom gutter of text. Back end paper verso and back pastedown contain pencil scribbling. Three ink drops on back end paper, upper edge.
Additional Details of this Copy:

First Endpaper:

Date of Nov 27 1831: Was a Sunday. 1831 was the beginning of the early Church’s movement towards Kirtland Ohio from Palmyra, New York and surrounding areas
Unknown handwriting

W.S Diuel(SP) Could be: W (F or S) (Divel, Diuel Jewel, Jiuel) currently unknown name.

Second Endpaper:

“Dr P Hurlbuts” is Doctor Philastus Hurlbut (1809-1883) was a convert to the church around 1832/33 in Jamestown NY. He dissented from the church in June 1833 after being accused of sexual misconduct. He contributed anti-Mormon content that was included in the publishing of “Mormonism Unvailled” (sic). His first name was Doctor and not a title.

Kirtland Geauga Co, Ohio is the county listed for Kirtland for the early church as Lake County Ohio wasn’t organized until 1840. Geauga County is proper for this 1830’s period.

Known Typographical Errors:
p 39 line 11 “daghter”, p81 line 20 “Holy one”, p91 line 9 “carcases”, p113 line 14 “to-mrrow”,
p119 line 39 “sould”, p142 line 31 “sough”, p144 line 36 “obout”, p161 line 1 “fait”, p163 line 30 “GOD” font, p196 line 15/16 “the the” p212 “122”, p 226 line 5 “Sidom”, p247 line 2 “trans-gransgressions”, p268 line 2 “tempels”, p425 line 24 “hardnes”