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Individual Book Details: A0046

Record Date
Collection Name
1830 Palmyra
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Weaton University
Weaton, IL
1830 Book of Mormon, John D Nutting Collection
Came from the personal library of John D. Nutting (Christian missionary to those living in Utah in mid/late 1800’s)
Notable details on Nutting found at:
Donated to Wheaton College in 1951. Held in special collections ever since.
Inscription on inside cover listing Nancy Carrels
Unique Features
Spine: Intact and darkened in color, gold lines worn off and black lines in place.
Spine Lettering and Label: Black ribbon visible. Gold lettering worn off. faint trace of lettering noticeable
Binding: Front end papers missing
Title Page: present an in tact. significant ink spot with accompanying smaller ink spot on first paragraph. signs of triangular cockling on lower right and left corners.
Text: foxing and noticeable spots on first text page. small hole worn through on first text page above the First Book of Nephi title revealing words from page 7.
Inscription: Front inside cover listing “Nancy Carrels Book”
Notes: Preface page: “iv”