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Individual Book Details: A0039

Record Date
Collection Name
1830 Palmyra
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Georgetown University, Woodstock Theological Library
Washington, DC
1830 Book of Mormon, Woodstock Theological Library
Owned by Woodstock Theological Library, on long term deposit with Georgetown University
Unique Features
Restored copy, significant documentation about the restoration process online
Spine: Prior to restoration, spine was facing and vertical cracks. Repaired Spine
Spine Lettering and Label: Repaired black ribbon and repaired gold lettering
Cover: repaired cover now attached
Binding: repaired bindings
Title Page: Intact, triangular bend on corers, dark marks under word “mormon”, on second paragraph and to the left of “Palmyra”. library numbers “BXZ 8623 1830” in pencil in upper left corner.
Text: full text, some pages repaired
Notes: Front end paper contains circular stamp “St. Joseph’s Troy” in black in and library numbers: “BXZ 8623 1830” in pencil
This copy was fully digitized and can be found online:
Preface: “IV”, pg 212 “122”. pg 144 line 36 “about” pg 243, line 23 “all” pg 275 line 19 “this” (lower case)