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Individual Book Details: A0038

Record Date
Collection Name
1830 Palmyra
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Principia Collage
Elsah, IL
1830 Book of Mormon, Gould, Nicholson, Joseph Smith III
Inscription on front end paper and Title Page listing John Gould
Inscription on back end paper listing to Chas(SP) Nicholson, given by Joseph Smith (III), 1878
Unique Features
Spine: Intact, vertical wear marks, gold lines present and visible
Spine Lettering and Label: Intact, full gold lettering visible
Cover: Intact. Leather marbling still visible. Slight wear on front cover upper right corner.
Binding: cover and spine attached, one front end paper, one back end paper
Title Page: Present. Inscription “John Gould’s Book” in blue ink under title line. triangular paper bend on upper corners and lower left corner. Brown Ink bleed through spots on lower part of page near ‘author and proprietor’ and ‘Palmyra’ lines
Text: Missing pages 11-28, various pages with underlines in pencil
Inscription: Back end paper: “Presented to Chas(Sp) Nicholson by Joesph Smith Plano Ill April 27th 1878” in blue ink. “And this Joseph Smith is the oldest son of Joseph the “Pseudo Prophet” in brown ink, different handwriting. Front end paper Recto “John Goulds Book” in blue ink. Title Page: “John Goulds Book” in blue ink, same handwriting as front end paper inscription
Notes: Front pastedown has library book plate sticker, Front end paper Recto, brown ink at bottom of page: “B*** Foll* Purchased as a library curiosity May 29, 18*2 R****ford ***” hard to read and bleeding through next page. Front end paper Verso brown ink: “One of the first Editions of the Book of Mormon A ****** Edition of *** S Spalding’s Novel A bold i**** +(and) f**** B. *.” Hard to read and bleeding through prior page, recto. Brown Ink in same handwriting throughout. Back end paper recto contains list of book sections and page numbers in pencil.
Text: Preface “IV”, pg #212 “122”, pg #487 “48”, pg 521 line 8/9 “mur-derers” pg 144 line 36 “about”