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Individual Book Details: A0036

Record Date
Collection Name
1830 Palmyra
Ownership Type
Special Collections
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS
1830 Book of Mormon, University of Kansas
Front end paper book plate sticker listing donation to university from Sallie Thayer in memory of William Thayer in 1917, held at University ever since.
Inscription of George W Mott(SP)
Unique Features
Spine: right edge separated from loose front cover board. Gold Lines missing/faded. Old book call number sticker slightly removed from bottom section
Spine Lettering and Label: black label present, worn, vertical cracking. Gold lettering present but worn. Top Line visible, 2nd line worn, fading 2nd O in Mormon
Cover: Front cover board separated from block but still present. Dark and marbled.
Binding: front and back papers present, back cover has full bookplate sticker listing dealers advertisement for this edition at $25.00, in pencil: “Seveir (Seven?(SP)) B No 2”
blue speckle markings on outside book edge.
Title Page: intact, Circular embossment “UNIVERSITY LIBRARY LAWRENCE KANSAS” over title “Mormon”. Pinhole embossment “W B THAYER LIBRARY” on lower right corner
Inscription: Front end Paper: George W Mott(SP) presented by his Uncle D..(covered over by Thayer bookplate) (Mott?)”
Notes: Mott inscription was prior to 1917 due to Thayer bookplate pasted on top of inscription. Front end paper, circular sticker listing University of Kansas library Rare Books and call number B968. Copyright page, verso, “298 SM5b 1830” in pencil.
Preface page: “IV”, proper page #212. Proper page #487.