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Individual Book Details: A0033

Record Date
Collection Name
1830 Palmyra
Ownership Type
Special Collections
University of Texas, Austin
Austin, TX
1830 Book of Mormon University of Texas Austin #1
Bookplate sticker listing Edward Alexaner Parsons, New Orleans.
Unique Features
Spine: Intact and connected to cover
Spine Lettering and Label: Missing, No label or lettering
Cover: intact. slight discolored wear in center.
Binding: Intact, no front end papers, 2 back end papers. last back end paper cut vertically near edge and missing margin edge.
Title Page: Present and intact. Significant water staining throughout page, significantly runner diagonal from upper gutter, to lower right of the page. Triangular bend on upper right corner.
Text: Full text block. Significant water stains matching title page
Inscription: several inscriptions on various endpapers,
Notes: front pastedown: bookplate sticker listing Edward Alexander Parsons. Front pastedown: “First Ed” and (illegible)C.H.C Harvey in pencil. “Calit(SP) James Heryford” “Book” Iffid(SP) “the” 17(SP or 19) 1852” in blue pen sideways near gutter.
Back endpaper 1 Recto: “Dear Friend, it is with the greatest” in blue ink upside down.
Back endpaper 1 Verso: various blue ink marks, eligible.
Back end paper 2 recto: pencil marks listing March 10, 1929 book sale in NY by Barnet Beyer. Additional blue ink marks, with “Francis Walker(SP)” upside down.
Back end paper 2 verso: “Fransis Walker(SP)” in blue ink, “Calit(SP) James Heryford my Father(SP)” in blue ink, upside down. Additional blue ink marks (practice marks?) on page.
Back endpaper 3 verso: “Charley Mob(SP)” and illegible inscription in blue ink, updside down. Illegible in pencil….”James Herfo..” “1852” “Dead. Dead and in my
Back pastedown: “Tomas Mott” “Ste” “Stephen Mott” “George Mott”.