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Individual Book Details: A0008

Record Date
Collection Name
1830 Palmyra
Ownership Type
Special Collections
Utah State University
Logan, UT
1830 Book of Mormon, David Whitmer Copy
David Whitmer inscription, Clamshell box listing as David Whitmer’s copy.
It is known that there is another David Whitmer copy listed in LDS Church archives, however, it’s possible there are two David Whitmer copies, as books would be shared and passed through multiple hands, as needed.
Unique Features
Spine: Slight wear on upper and lower edges. Gold lines faded, but ribbed dark lines visible.
Spine Lettering and Label: Black title ribbon present. Gold title is faded but title text impressions visible.
Cover: Slight scratches on front cover and wear marks on upper and lower right corners. Back cover: Noticeable cover warping. Curved blemish with dark discoloration in center to left edge.
Binding: Spine/Cover hinge still in tact. Two front end papers, two back end papers with tear on upper edge of first end back paper.
Title Page: Repaired title page, noticeable from back side verso of the copyright page.
Text: Full text, noticeable water staining throughout the volume. Blue speckling visible on text block edge.
Inscription: Front pastedown top has “David Whitmer” in pencil, difficult to see. Front end paper recto: David Whitmer’s copy, His signature font pastedown top edge” in pencil
Notes: Preface page: iv. Pg 144 line 36, “about”. Pg 212, “122”, proper page 487. Pg 521, “rum-derers”. Witness page line 10 proper “seen”. Page 63 line 21 “himself” pg 161, line 1 “fait” page 205 line 3 fading i in Nephi, pg 243, line 23, “all”, pg 457, fading c in “destruction”.