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Individual Book Details: A0007

Record Date
Collection Name
1830 Palmyra
Ownership Type
Private Collection
Private Owner
1830 Book of Mormon, Frederick G Williams Copy
Annotations within margins of various pages in Fredrick G Williams’ handwriting
Some annotations in Joseph Smith handwriting
Oral tradition that this copy was used in the School of the Prophets in Kirtland, Ohio.
Unique Features
Spine: Refurbished Spine original spine adhered to strengthened spine. Gold lines fading
Spine Lettering and Label: Black title ribbon present, gold title block lettering.
Cover: Repaired cover, diagonal crease from bottom center to right middle edge. Noticeable nick mark on lower right corner.
Binding: Repaired binding. One front end paper. Front end page: water stains top and bottom right corners.
Title Page: Present, intact. Signs of triangular cockling on four corners. Noticeable dark mark on right edge, lower third of the page.
Text: Triangular cockling on few first pages. Significant annotations in the margins throughout the volume.
Inscription: Several annotations throughout volume. Front endpaper verso top edge: “James M Donald’s(SP?)” in black in, small script. Joseph Smith name (in his handwriting) on page 500, referencing 3rd Nephi (ch21v10) passage regarding the Lord’s servant.
Notes: Preface page “iv”. Page 25 line 9 “chid”. Page 83 line 28 proper “condescensions”. Page 90, line 17 “horner”. Page 119 line 39 “sould”. Page 144 line 36 proper “about”. Page 212 “122”. Page 351 line 38 “armours”. Proper page number 487. Page 521 line 8/9 “rum-derers” Witness page line 10, proper “seen”.