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Individual Book Details: A0006

Record Date
Collection Name
1830 Palmyra
Ownership Type
Private Collection
Private Owner
1830 Book of Mormon, Samuel Smith Copy
Bookplate sticker listing Samuel H Smith, Kirtland Ohio
Unique Features
Spine: Reinforced spine, Lines present, with gold coloring faded.
Spine Lettering and Label: Black ribbon attached, vertical cracking over K on first line and both M’s on second line. Small font title format.
Cover: Marbling on front cover with dark discolorations. Scuff mark on top and bottom right corners.
Binding: Reinforced hinging. Inside front pastedown: Bookplate sticker listing “Samuel H Smith’s Book #2, Kirtland Ohio”. illegible writing on bottom edge of bookplate sticker. Front endpapers missing. Back inside
Title Page: Present. Triangular cockling on top right and lower left corners. Paper darkening grading towards right edge. Small water spot at bottom edge.
Text: 1 Nephi page: noticeable dark mark in lower half and 2 small dark spots near right edge. Last half of text block: water stain marks lower half of pages.
Inscription: Back pastedown: “Property of James B Conklin” in pencil on bottom edge.
Notes: Preface page “iv” Page 144, line 36 “about”. Page 212, “122”. Proper page number 487. Page 521, line 8/9 Proper “mur-derers” Witness page, line 10, proper “seen”